Black & White Sheep New Born Baby Felt Mobile

With the recent arrival of Baby Morgan V2.0 (V2), my design and digital fabrication skills and respective portfolio will no doubt venture into the world of toys.  To stimulate V2’s eye sight and hopefully keep him entertained for enough time for us to catch up on a few jobs, a baby mobile was first on the agenda.

For the first month a baby can only really distinguish between high contrasting colours, ideally black and white.  I liked the idea of V2 being able to count sheep to help him gently drift off to sleep.  100% sheep’s wool felt seem liked an appropriate material to initially work with.  As can been seen in the photos below, laser cutting the 100% white wool gives a brown burn edge, which I think gives a nice detail with the sheep concept.

On laser cutting the wool felt it gives off a slight burnt hair smell which only lingers on the felt for a couple days, so if normally negligible by the time it is arrives with the customer.

For those who want a more constant colour and more uniform material, I have also tested and will create the same mobile design with 3mm acrylic felt. The video above is of the acrylic version with a multiple acrylic hanger.

The sheep are suspended from a plywood cross with strong nylon thread.

I sell these black and white wool felt sheep new born baby mobile for £29 include UK mainland Postage.  I sell the acrylic version of the sheep for £22 including UK mainland delivery.

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Black White Felt Sheep Mobile whole v1

Black Felt Sheep Mobile v1

White Felt Sheep Mobile v1

Felt Sheep Mobile Design Process v1.1