Upcycled Laser Etched & Cut Vinyl Clocks

I have great admiration and respect for physical music medium of vinyl. The 12 and 7 inch vinyl, in the eyes of most, have been completely superseded with the quality and convenience of digital formats such as FLAC. Despite this, there are many people out there who hold a place in their hearts for vinyl, taking the time to expand and listen to their record collection, for the reward of nostalgia and warm sound it delivers.

With the obsolescence of vinyl, there is no shortage destined for the landfill. You can intercept many of these unwanted records at car boot sales (garage/yard sales in US) or charity shops, for next to nothing.

When initially looking to creating a new 12 inch laser cut vinyl for my living room, I could not find any free and open designs, so the only option was to create them. Below are the 3 designs I have completed and cut, with some more in the pipeline. Each f these designs have the design files below released under a open hardware compatible creative commons licence CC-BY-SA.

For those without access to a laser cutter and would like to buy one of these designs I sell them for £29 including UK delivery, so email or call me to arrange.  I am more than happy to commission any new designs on request, which will also be released under CC-BY-SA. The cost of a commission will depend upon the complexity of the design.

Roman Numeral Laser Cut 12 inch Vinyl Wall Clock

Roman Numerals Laser Cut Vinyl ClockBarkEngMad Roman Vinyl Clock CC-BY-SA v1-1.svg

Morse Code Laser Cut 12 inch Vinyl Wall Clock

Morse Code Laser Cut Vinyl Clock

vinyl clock morse code v3 (centre align) CC-BY-SA svg

Mayan Calender Laser Etched and Cut 12 inch Vinyl Wall Clock

With the high level of etching of the Mayan calender, it takes a considerable more amount of laser time, so this clock costs £39.



BarkEngMad vinyl clock mayan calender v1-final CC-BY-SA svg