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Wirksworth Foot & Cycle Paths

During the recent Transition Wirksworth organised talk about local transport, a need for a detailed map of Wirksworth containing all the foot and cycle paths was highlighted.

Over the weekend I made good use of the fine weather to walk along some of these footpaths, then this morning updated them onto the Open Street Map.

The Open Street Map is an ideal tool for the Transition Wirksworth to use, as all the data remains in the public domain, so anyone can use it without the copyright issues. unlike using Google or OS maps.

As and when I have time, I will continue add more paths and the respective detail. I encourage anyone else to join in editing the maps and if you are struggling with the technical side of things, I would be happy to help…

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Free Transcendental Meditation

I have moved this post to my personal blog…

Scientific & Medical Network Meeting

This Saturday I attended a very interesting Scientific & Medical Network Meeting (Yorkshire Group). For those who have not heard of the SMN, it is a network of professionals (active and retired) in fields of science, medicine, philosophy, alternative medicine, etc… Several times a years each local group meeting up to listen to related professionals (normally about research they have done or are doing, or about a book they have released) after which the group discusses with the speaker.

If you think this would interest you, I would suggest you check out their website and perhaps attend your next local meeting.

Earlier this year I held a talk for the Yorkshire SMN Group on my personal research into higher states of conciousness achieved while listening to high end hi fi. Below is what was written in the SMN newsletter…

“Morgan Barke gave a talk on ‘Multidimensional Listening and High End Hi Fi’. Starting from the technological and financial complexities of modern state of the art Hi Fi equipment, he went on to explain that it produced sounds which were beyond the range of normal human hearing: sub-sonic below the normal threshold, and hyper-sonic above. Strangely hyper-sonic sound is registered though it is not heard. The question is how? Experiments show that such awareness does not come through the ears, and if registered, hyper-sonic sound may be working through the sub-conscious mind. Furthermore the degree of conscious attention nevertheless increases the perception of the signal conveyed by hyper-sonic sound.

This raises the whole issue of the relation between the mind and digital electronic systems. The Princteon University (PEAR) experiments showed that conscious choices can effect random number generators., irrespective of time & space. If so, mind has access to quantum space, which is something beyond every day space and time. This may explain the ecstatic state of mind attained when the listener is totally lost in the music and feels that he is the music. This may be psychic space in which musical composition occurs.”


This weekends morning talk was by David Barrow on using Tai Chi for rehabilitation for heart conditions. He had performed scientific research, comparing against the normally prescribed cardio weekly work out, randomised and with a control group. His research, partnered with Sheffield Hallam Uni, demonstrated that with the replacement of Tai Chi over the regular cardio workout, provided measurable, greater benefits for the patient. More information can be found on his website…

David runs one of his private classes on a Thursday evening, of which I am planning to attend, on my way home from Leeds to Wirksworth. I have done Tai Chi and really enjoyed it, but at the time it didn’t fit in with my schedule, so stopped going. Hopefully I will be able to fit into my routine and make a regular thing, as I do with Transcendental Meditation.


The second talk was by Sue Armstrong, a vet practising homoeopathy. Sue’s talk was about her professional experience of the emotions of animals and how she uses homoeopathy to treat animals with both physical and emotional ailments. Sue has extensive experience with race horses, improving their livelihood and athletic performance. I questioned Sue about the validity of homoeopathy, as it has been under much scrutiny in such publications as “Bad Science”, of which she is going to send me some links of some of the latest research and findings. I will add them here once I have them.

To find out more about what Sue does check out her website…


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Sharing the pie

In my house hold, as I was growing up, there was always a fight for the largest slice of pie (of the apple variety). There would always be an air of smugness from whom got the largest slice and injustice from whom got the smallest.

We found the fairest system was that the pie would be divided up into the required portions, but rather than the “slicer” getting the final piece, which would often end up being the largest, all the portions would remain in the dishes and the slicer would then get the last pick. With this system, the slicer is incentivised to divide the pie as equally as possible, so ideally there is no small slice and they would be happy with any.

Now, imagine if we could apply the same principle to politics, where the policy and decision makers had to create a system of which they could end up with the smallest slice…

I guess the closest thing we could get now, without a complete overhaul of the political and economic system, is that politicians and their families, as a part of their job, have to live on council estates, with only use of public transport, NHS, council run schools and receive the minimum when. If this was applied, we would soon get an new type of politician, one of which would live among the people and for the people…

Welcome to my new Blog

Hi all.

This is the first entry to my new blog. Blogging has been on my list of things to do for a long time, but for a variety of reasons has never happened.

Initially my plan is to complete a new blog entry each and every week, along with completing a microblog (identica & twitter) entry on a daily basis.

The subjects that I will engage in are likely to be a variety of the follow…

  • Web Development & SEO
  • Open Source Hardware & Software
  • High End Hi Fi, Cinema & Automation
  • Music, & Films
  • UK & Global Politics
  • Bitcoins
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Small holdings and local produce
  • Everything else…
Enjoy, share & discuss.