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Funding Freedom CC

funding-freedom-ccFunding Freedom [dot] CC is a website powered by the open source software WordPress, dedicated to creating awareness of some of the great free culture projects, looking for backing through the many crowd funding websites out there.

Attaining financial support for free culture projects can be much more challenging than a propriety copy righted or patented project, especially if you try and seek funding from traditional sources, such as banks or angle investors.  Crowd funding is a great way to rally up support for your project and give your community the opportunity to put their money where their mouth is 🙂

The Funding Freedom website is released under a CC-BY-SA licence and is supported by the “Value 4 Value” business model, where the service is provided for free (freedom and cost) and requests that its community recognises the value they receive and contributes that of equal value. This “value” can be contributed in the form they feel is most appropriate.