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UK Laser Engraved Skateboard Decks

NOTE: With the increased interest in my skateboards, I have created a dedicated brand and respective website to be the new home of my laser engraved skateboards and laser cut griptape –
All new designs, commissions and anything skateboarding related will be posted there.

Each and every skateboarder creates and develops their own unique riding style and choosing an appropriate skateboard deck is an important part of expressing that unique style.  These custom laser engraved skateboard decks give the skateboarder an opportunity to create and express their own design, rather than choosing from a catalogue of mass produced decks.

Utilising a laser cutter to etch the underside (and option of the top side) of the deck, allows for single run manufacture here in Derbyshire, UK and opportunity to freely share designs with like minded skaters around the world.

The grip tape can be laser cut to reveal the natural or stained wood grain of the deck beneath.  This is perfect for giving the top side of your board personality, with a wide range of colours.

Sugar Skull Skateboard Deck

Sugar skull skateboard deck design thumb

This deck design is inspired by the day of the dead celebrations. Using multiple sugar skulls to create a unique design. Buy this laser etched skateboard design, or modify it to your own liking…





City Scape Birthday Commission

commissioned city scape deck design thumb

I was recently commissioned to work directly with a 14 year old skateboarder, for his birthday, in laser engraving his own skateboard, with his own design. Read more about this laser etched skateboard commission.




‘Stop n Go’ Deck and Grip Design

Stop n Go Deck and Grip Tape Thumb

Etching the stop sign through the varnish of the red stained deck, reveals the lighter wood grain below.  To complete this design, using the bright green tape, I have laser cut the Go sign. Why don’t you “stop” and “go” and check out this laser engraved skateboard and grip tape deck in more detail… 🙂



Creative Skative Commons Deck Design

skative commons laser skateboard deck grip design

As all of my designs are licensed under Creative Commons, so I wanted to celebrate that, so I modified the CC-BY-SA logo to include a skateboard next to the Attribution symbol.  The sky blue grip tape has the skative commons logos laser cut out of it. Read more about this creative commons skateboard design.



Love Skate Deck and Grip Tape Design

love-hate deck and grip tape design thumb

Using the play on words Love Hate, stereo typically tattooed onto knuckles, with the addition of a SK ring, creating Love Skate. The same design was cut out of the contrasting bright orange grip tape. Read more on how I created this skateboard design.




‘The Greys’ Cartoon Deck Design

the greys header design thumb


After meeting the artists of The Greys from Pepper Top Comics at Oggcamp14 , we decided to experiment printing their comics on the unusual medium of laser engraved skateboard decks. We were very pleased with the outcome…



All of the designs shown here are licensed under CC-BY-SA, so feel free to download and modify the designs to your taste, ready to be etched.