Professional Maker

‘Stop n Go’ Skateboard Deck and Grip Tape

I’ve made full use of the red stained skateboard deck by engraving a STOP sign into the underside of the deck.

stop full skateboard deck CC-BY-SA
laser deck stopngo STOP v0.3.1 SVG CC-BY-SA
In contrast, using the bright green grip tape, I have laser cut a Go sign out to reveal the red stained deck beneath.

go full skateboard grip tape CC-BY-SA
laser deck stopngo GO v0.3.1 SVG CC-BY-SA

I feel this design works especially well, as when the skateboard is on its wheels, your good go and when its upside down it will have stopped, well at least the skateboard will have.

This bespoke skateboard deck was designed and laser engraved in Derbyshire, UK.