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Open Source Model Business Cards

KICKSTARTER UPDATE: I have made the decision to postpone the launch of my Kickstarter campaign, as I need to prioritise my other projects.

With such a wide range of skills, experiences, interests and ideals, its not as easy as you may think to convey clearly and quickly what it is exactly I do for a living and the services I offer.  When it came round to creating a suitable business card, it was important that it summed up not only what I did, but what I am about.  Engaging the client in the creation process it a key part of what I do and I wanted my business card to be a simple and effective tool to do just that.  With my initial selection of designs they are varied enough to spark further ideas with the person I am engaging with.

Laser Cut Business Card Models Collection

With this free and open source model business cards concept I believe I have been able to achieve the following…

  • A shareable and editable free and open source format for other makers
  • Demonstrate my creativity and design skills
  • Utilise on of the digital fabrication tools I use i.e. laser cutter
  • An easy platform for people to adapt and share their ideas
  • Something that people will enjoy giving and receiving
  • A business card that might sick around longer that the rest
  • To distinct myself from my peers and leave a lasting impression
  • Oh yeah, and to provide my contact details… 🙂

I am still in the testing and development phase of this project, so am yet to release the design files.  I am currently in the process creating a Kickstarter campaign to help me raise the funds, to not only release the design files with quality support documentation, but also create a community hub for other designs to be shared and improved upon, via a Media Goblin instance.

The design files will be released under a Creative Commons – Attributions (CC-BY) licence, not as the photo above depicts.  While I normally prefer a CC-BY-SA licence, this would have technically restricted makers in incorporating their own company logos, that will likely be under a Copyright or a CC-BY-ND.  I obviously encourage any modifications and new designs to be created and released under the same licence.

I am performing short runs of business cards for 3rd parties on the lead up to the campaign, so please get in touch if you would like a set with your contact details on.  Also, please email me if you would like to be directly notified when the Kickstarter project goes live.