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A Richer Internet Will Create A Richer Society!

The internet is a wonderful and powerful tool, enabling all walks of life to engage in self learning and collaboration with like minded people across the globe. We must all take responsibility for creating the positive, constructive and well structured content needed for the internet to reach its full potential.  Below is a lecture explaining the latest research on future of learning.

In order for this method of self learning to flourish, we must first build a suitable internet with all the necessary learning material and online tutorials.  Free and open source software combined with the sharing of related expertise have been at the core of exponential success and growth of the internet. These values of free culture must be embraced, so that everything of value we do and create should be shared with all to benefit from.

The Khan Academy is a great example of well structured online tutorials to enable and encourage self learning, with an inspiring mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

From Virtual to Reality

Not everything can be learnt from a computer alone, so physical interaction is critical in developing important creative and productive skills and expertise. This is where the combination of kits and online tutorials come into their own and if supported in an environment such as a hack space the possibilities of learning and creativity are limitless.

Open Source Hardware & Localised Manufacture

Free culture is now transitioning from software and media to physical hardware. Open hardware specifically designed for localised manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing, Laser cutting, CNC routing and milling are vital components to a sustainable and environmentally viable future. The Rise and Shine LED Clock is free, open source software and hardware design to engage and encourage people into relevant respective technologies, of which will be available as a kit in the new year.

Here are some of the Best & Important Open Hardware Projects of which I reviewed in a recent blog post.