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Rise and Shine LED Clock

Rise and Shine LED ClockPrototypeI am currently developing an open source analogue style LED clock, powered by an Arduino Nano. My objective of this project is to create an free (as in freedom) device that everyone can relate to and that a wide audience would be interested in making, hacking and modifying. With such a visual and interesting project, it is ideal to get people talking about the importance of free culture and get them making and hacking.

To the right, is my first prototype and below is a video of the latest Infinity Mirror LED Clock version. When I get chance I will update this page will all the latest on this project. If you are particularly interested in this project then email me and I will send you the design and code file, plus it might push this project up the list… Enjoy the video… )

Infinity Mirror LED Clock

I make and sell these clocks to order (£240), so if you would like one please email me.

I am hosting the Arduino code on source forge, of which I will be also utilising the additional features to run the project, such as wiki & developers forum.

I will be updating this page with the project overview and will blog any updated & developments, so watch this space…