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Black & White Sheep New Born Baby Felt Mobile

To stimulate my baby’s eye sight and hopefully keep him entertained for enough time for us to catch up on a few jobs, I decided to create a baby mobile.

For the first month a baby can only really distinguish between high contrasting colours, especially black and white.  I liked the idea of my boy being able to count sheep to help him gently drift off to sleep.  100% sheep’s wool felt seem liked an appropriate material to initially work with.  As can been seen in the photos below, laser cutting the 100% white wool gives a brown burn edge, which I think gives a nice detail with the sheep concept.

On laser cutting the wool felt it gives off a slight burnt hair smell which only lingers on the felt for a couple days, so if normally negligible by the time it is arrives with the customer.

In order to create a more constant product I recreated the baby mobile in 3mm acrylic felt. The video above is of the acrylic version with a multiple acrylic hanger, enabling the sheep to move in a more random direction.

I sell these black and white acrylic felt sheep new born baby mobile for £22 include UK mainland Postage. Although, are currently out of stock. If you would like me to prioritise a batch, please feel free to email me.


Black White Felt Sheep Mobile whole v1

Black Felt Sheep Mobile v1

White Felt Sheep Mobile v1

Felt Sheep Mobile Design Process v1.1