Professional Maker

Wirksworth Hackspace & LUG

I am currently a member of Derby Makers, located at the Silk Mill in the centre of Derby and used to be a member of Leeds Hackspace.  However, I would be very interested in creating a Wirksworth Hackspace.

Being an Linux advocate, I would most likely incorporate a Wirksworth LUG (Linux User Group), as Hackspaces generally embrace and thrive on the free culture ethos and associated resources.

Wirksworth LUG would be a lot easier than a hackspace to start, as it only requires a room & Wifi. As interest grows I would be looking to expand to a permanent workshop, providing access to tools such as a 3D printer, laser cutter and CNC machine.

A part of my vision of a hack space, would include a “Jamspace” for local bands and musicians with ideally some kind of recording studio facility. This facility would be a great place to host and broadcast a Wirksworth Community Radio Podcast. Understanding the importance of legally free music, all music recorded in the studio would be licensed under a Creative Commons license. To make this studio financially sustainable, bands would raise funds via crowd funding sites such as and to enable them to record in the “Wirksworth Jam Space”, with the long term goal of building the reputation as the place to record Creative Commons music in the UK. Wirksworth is renowned for its creativity as is home to artists of all types, this Hack and Jam Space would only build on that reputation.

So if there is anyone interested in either being a part of a Wirksworth Hackspace, Wirksworth LUG, Jamspace or/and a community radio podcast, hopefully to service additional areas (such as Matlock, Belper, Ashbourne or even Chesterfield & Derby) send me an email so we can share our thoughts and maybe get the ball rolling…

Cheers, Morgan.