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OSHW teaching aid, plus other projects

Hopefully you have read this in time to support this cool educational project… I have already contributed, to¬† help support this important project and to get the source files to build my own. I really like the super simple programming interface for the younger kids and can’t wait to see how the open source community will hack this into their own projects.

Here are a few extra cool free culture, open source projects…

Ever wondered what your brain patterns look like. Maybe you want to control your project with your mind.. Well now you can with this Open Source Brain Computer Interface.

Time to updgrade your 3D Printer with this profession hotend.

Make your hand gestures in to funky sounds with Vectr – Open Source 3D Sensing Gesture Controller

Its great to see more and more free culture projects out there. If you want to see more, be sure to support, even if it just a quid, at least stick on your social media of choice.


Enjoy & Share! Morgan.

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