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Open Hardware Feb 2014 Update

I have compile this post with more open projects that may be of interest to you hacker and makers out there.

The stool that rocks
This cool stool was launched via Kickstarter earlier in 2013. What is particularly interesting about this project is that the stool is local manufactured to the buyer. This is the distribution model I am planning to use with my open source LED Clock. You can still buy the stool at


YaCyPi is simply a raspberry pi with a YaCy preloaded on it, you can get 2 versions.
– YaCy Server, of which you put on your local network and it will give you access to the YaCy network.
– YaCy Crawler, of which will contribute to building the networks searched content

If you are unsure what YaCy is they you need to watch, or at least listen to the video below.


SketchChair is a nice piece of open source software to help you design and create your own CNC’able chair. This was a success kickstarter project back in May 2011.


Strawbees are a super simple cool construction kit for kids. It is quite amazing how many nice objects people have come with using strawbees.


I saw the MicroSlice at the 2013 Derby Mini Maker Faire, of which I exhibited my LED Clock. Its a great little device and is proving to be popular in Kickstarter. Maybe there is still time to get yours.


uArm is desktop open hardware robot arm, inspired by industrial pick and place robot arms.


Unlocked Furniture is an interesting CNC furniture project, although not open source. Maybe they will see the light and liberate there designs.


SmartScope is cheaper and more elegant solution to your oscilloscope needs, plus it open source 🙂

Thats all for now… If you discover any new open hardware projects be sure to email me with them

Enjoy, engage & share!

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